Thursday, 28 April 2011

Shayne's Day #37: The one with the best day

Today was a wonderful Wednesday in London. I ran in the morning, worked on some more stuff for school, and picked up Jake's pants at the seamstress (he ripped them on the tube last week). While I was out I found an ink pad (as I have to send my fingerprints to the FBI) and decided to go on one final hunt for doorstops. I walked back in our front door a few hours later and well....let's just say our doors were still closed. Then, I had one of those moments when the light bulb over my head went off and clarity was staring me straight in the face. This moment of clarity was in the form of

I must have been caught in the 19th century because it was my understanding that sold books. Oh no people, they are a whole shopping monopoly online. They have everything, EVERYTHING! Books, clothes, toys, you name it. And yes, I found doorstops! No need for speciality stores here - I found baby! I felt like Sarah Plain and Tall in Target for the first time. I didn't know where to navigate first. I went from doorstops, to maps of Europe, to dust ruffles (we need to hide stuff under the bed and they don't have those here - trust me, I have looked). It was an amazing feeling. I have really enjoyed bee-bopping through all of the tiny boutiques here, but let's be honest, sometimes a girl just needs to find something quickly! So with my basket full, I checked out and felt truly vindicated that doorstops were one their way.
Sidenote: Apparently, in the states, you fill up your "shopping cart" on Here, you fill up your "basket." I found this interesting, don't you? I have thought about it for awhile and think it must be because when you go to a store in the states, you can load your purchases into a car. Therefore, you can technically fill up a shopping cart. Here, if you filled up a cart and tried to carry it down the street, you would be on America's Funniest Home Videos. I guess this cultural difference between shopping with a large cart vs. a small basket has translated to online purchasing. Interesting.

After my moment of glory I decided to teach myself how to do another techy thing that has haunted me for years: uploading photos onto facebook. Up until now, I have essentially been a facebook photo thief. I have always been the person who tags herself in everyone else's pictures, but never contributes to the photo pot. After 2 hours, a few training courses, and bit of frustration, I will never again be a photo thief. I, Shayne Singleton, now shop online and upload photos. I welcome myself to the 21st century.

After this very modern afternoon, the front door opened and there stood my husband, absolutely beaming from ear to ear. Out of his mouth came the words I have so longed to hear for quite some time. He said, with the enthusiasm I remember from college, "I just had the BEST DAY!" It was amazing. I couldn't believe my ears. My husband (yes JAKE), who just got home from work - WORK - said his day had been the best. My heart fluttered with joy and I got to hear him sputter out details of meetings, lunch with Jake P., a talk with his office partner, and pints with Jake P. and George on his way home. He was going a mile a minute and it was wonderful! The smile on his face was contagious. You know you love someone when their happiness makes you happier too!

Good thing he was smiling because, later that night, at kicked his butt at Canasta again.

Lesson's Learned: 1) They sell doorstops on, 2) Uploading facebook photos is not as hard as it looks, 3) Jake is happy!


  1. 1.Welcome to the 21st century. I loved looking at the photos on FB.
    2. is awesome!
    3. Hearing how happy Jakers is totally brought a happy tear to my eye.
    Love you,

  2. SOOO happy for you and Jake! I'm so glad to hear that work is going well for him! He deserves it! Love you guys!!!

  3. We knew Jake would be happy probably anywhere away from the SD office. But, of course, felt had to go across the pond just to be sure!!! Happy your Happy!!!