Thursday, 28 April 2011

Day #35: The one with the days of the week

It official - the U.S. needs to add Easter Monday as an official holiday. There have been whispers that it used to exist, so we would like to propose an amendment to the official government holiday calendar-
Addressed To: Whom it may concern, the Easter Bunny, and/or President Obama
What: Proposal for Easter Monday
Where: The U.S.
When: The Monday following Easter
(Easter is Sunday, Monday is the day after that, and Tuesday comes next - that was a little "Friday" video shout out. While you are at it, watch this one next. )
Why: It is radical

Here is our plug for Easter Monday. Easter Sunday is, quite possibly, the most important of all the Christian holidays. Although the day is usually spent with family and friends, let's be honest, it is really for Jesus...and He is really important. With an Easter Monday holiday, you can dedicate Sunday to the real reason for the season and Monday would be, as stated earlier, a radical day to do whatever you want with people you love! One point for the U.K. on this one - Easter Monday, ingenious idea!

In our case, the day was spent with some of our favorite London peeps (HA! Peeps, get it?): Erin and Jason, Sophie and George, Stuart and Kate, Andy, Mike and Carly. We started the day with a haircut for Jake (in our bath tub mind you with the new U.K. outlet clippers we just purchased from Tesco Extra). Then we met up with everyone at a great little pub, The Queen's Arm, down in Pimlico where Sophie had reserved a big table for brunch. We had some pints and wine, some fabulous laughs, and great food! The weather was jaw-droppingly gorgeous and, of course, our pug friend Zeus joined us under the table. Good thing Erin left her favorite picnic blanket at home!

After lunch, we had to say goodbye to Erin and Jason. They had to rush home and get everything ready for the movers. You know you have met good people when you have only known them for a month and will miss them terribly.

The rest of the pub crew headed back to Sophie and George's flat for a divine afternoon in their private garden. Basically, picture the garden from the movie Notting Hill. Shady trees, bright flowers, laughing children, and beautiful little cakes and treats (courtesy of hostess Sophie) filled our afternoon. It was british heaven! One of the little boys running around was dressed in a white collared shirt, tiny little white shorts, high white socks, and little white shoes. He was so cute and looked like either a ball boy from Wimbledon, an albino Tweedle-Dee, or the world's tiniest Stay Puff Marshmallow Man. Classic London.

We went back to George and Sophie's flat when the sun went down and the London breeze kicked up. We walked into their place and realized someone was a movie fan! George literally had two entire walls covered in DVD's. Jake teared up a little bit when he saw the inspiring collection. We were pleased to see some classics like Top Gun, The Godfather, and One Tree Hill Season 1 on the wall. We got into the best conversation about 'Must Own' movies. George got out a pen and paper and started a list inspired by his American friends and what we deemed as necessity purchases to be made. We got together a real hum-dinger top ten list and were surprised to learn that George, the movie buff, hadn't seen or heard of: Rudy, Hoosiers, Office Space, or Shayne's personal favorites Grease 2 and Girls Just Want to Have Fun (moment of silence for an incredibly young Brenda Walsh!). Pizza Express was our final hurrah of the night. At this point, the group had dwindled quite a bit and only the truly dedicated Easter Mondayers were still around. We had our delicious pizza and left feeling very lucky to have met such wonderful people so fast.

Lesson's Learned: 1) Easter Monday - "We're doing it!" 2) The days of the week go in this order: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, FRIDAY, Saturday, Sunday - then begin again. Thank you Rebecca Black.

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