Sunday, 11 December 2011

Day #265: The one with the 50 day catch up

When we sat down to blog today we realized that we have not posted anything in 50 days. We are pretty sure we are living in some type of time warp. Perhaps we are part of a government experiment where they speed up your life and see if you notice.

Dear Government,
We have noticed. You have sped up our life. We blinked and a week went by. We yawned and it has been a month. You should see what happens when we sneeze!
Feel free to slow it down whenever you get a sec.
Love you,
Shayne & Jake

Or maybe the new movie, In Time, isn't actually in the future! Has anyone noticed a glowing green clock on their arm? We saw this picture of ourselves from last weekend and we think it must be true! Time is money...the clock is ticking...all in due time...time flies when you're having fun...bada bing, bada boom...let us sum it up for you - 50 days have gone by since our last post and it feels more like 50 seconds.

Needless to say, a lot has happened. So, hold on to your watches, cause we are about to rock your clock.  

Here is what you missed:

Fall-Time Hampstead Pub Crawl:
We went to the home Mary Poppins and had a few pints.  Here's to Burt, Jane, Michael, Mr. Bank, the Suffragettes (enjoy THAT video link!!!), and of course, Mary!

The components of a perfect day.
*We saw the NFL in London!
Pre-game at The Globe pub on Baker St., played catch across the busy, traffic-filled streets of London, supported the Black and Gold even though they weren't playing, drank beer, saw almost every NFL team represented at the fan fest, ate pizza, saw Wembly Stadium for the first time, and soaked in some good ol' fashion Amerian love.

George, Soph, Shayne, Jake, Abby, Dustin, Carly & Mike

*We went on a Camden High Street walk-about!
Blue hair, miles and miles and miles of quirky crafts and funky T's, amazing Ethnic food market (of course dined on stinky cheese!), enjoyed hot toddies at a rooftop pub, enjoyed the vintage clothing mecca, and did a fly-by of the future BrewDog Camden bar location on our way to the World's End pub (only in London would they make a pub larger than Costco).

*We celebrated the marriage of Christie Nelson and her new husband Jake - London Style!
We didn't get to see her in her white dress, but we rocked it with pints and pies - meat that is! We took the advice of our theater-pro comrades and ran to get day-of seats for....

*Les Mis!
Thanks to Christie and Jake, we were able to see one of the last performances of the great Alfie Boe. Was he worth the hype....TOTALLY!

*We were officially inducted into the University of Florida Alumni Club!
Don't worry Wilber, you still have our hearts. However, you don't have a club in London. We have latched onto Carly and Mike's alma mater, and have been seen cheering for those crazy croc's on a weekly basis.
Let's hear it for Baby Sammy!
Post Gator game ridiculousness!
Mike, Jake P., and Jake
*We celebrated Halloween in London!
Jake went as Carly. Shayne went as Mike.

* Jake turned 30!
Crazy party, 8 hours of drinking games, fun was had, cupcakes were eaten, leg wrestling tournaments ensued, air guitars were played, songs were belted, a "Polo-Off" was conducted, 30 custom koozies were distributed, and a guy passed out sitting up in his chair in the kitchen. Successful party? We thought so!

Carly, Abby, Sophie, & Shayne
Jake opening his koozie!  Thanks to everyone who sent their wonderful jokes, special stories, and great memories.  You helped make Jake's day so special!
What can we say?
All the koozies!
Warning: This is what 8 hours of drinking can do to you.
Leg wrestling.
Yes, he is completely passed out. 
Mike, George, Ben, and Dustin in their polos.  We think the record was 4.
* Shayne flew back to the San Diego!
Visited her old students, visited with friends, met our new Godson Liam, had to exchange the rental car because she was scared to drive in anything smaller than a bulldozer, marveled at the amazingness of Target.
Girl's night out!  Kristyn, Kelly,  & Shayne
All the old 5th graders!
Can you find the baby?
Liam "The Trooper" Keith as he endures the weekend shopping excursion.
*Jake joined the fun in San Diego!
A 30th was celebrated with the SDSC - LIAM STYLE! Yes, there were ties marking the months of Jake's life. Liam has topped out at six months total and is in a close second behind Jake who is riding on 360 months.
PS: Fellow SDSC members - it seems we were not very good with our camera this weekend, because the only photo we have is this one of Kristy with the cheese.  Any help filling in the gaps would be greatly appreciated!
The CHEESE dip!
*We became Godparents!
We were blessed to be there to dedicate the wonderful little life of one Liam Ryan Keith to a life with God in his heart. We have never been more proud or honored and can't thank Kristy & Seamus Keith enough for allowing us to play this role in their son's life.

*We celebrated Thanksgiving Phoenix style!
It was a week of sheer bliss as we cooked, shopped, played games, and hung out with Shayne's mom and Jake's Dad, Stepmom, and little brother, Chase. Highlights included touring the Discount Tire Corporate Office with Chase, seeing his face light up when he took a bite of his long-awaited In-and-Out Burger, board game night was up there and came complete with a Discount Tire rally cap, Jake's Dad's fantastic charades talent, and of course, rubber pigs. Thanks to our families for a truly magical holiday!
Z Tejas!
Chase with the Discount Tire mascot.
COOKING!  This is Memaw's stuffing  :)
The boys.
Jake and his brother, Chase.
Laura, Shayne, & Kim at Winsor and Churn.  So fun!
Shayne and Mom at dinner.
This is Shayne's mom cat, Abagail.  Yes, this is her favorite position and it is amazing!!
*We went on a shopping spree!
That's right folks, Jake finally has a winter coat. Good thing since today it was 0 degrees.

*Shayne had her 10 year high school reunion!
Are you picturing awkward conversations, name tags, and a sit down dinner with white linen table clothes? THINK AGAIN! This was 3 days of old friends, best friends, dancing, laughing, catching up, new babies, straight bars, gay bars, Eric Johnson getting silly drunk, and a party on Friday night that included a living room scrapbook of all things high school...cheer uniforms, yearbooks, old notes that were passed, our senior video, collages, even old paraphernalia from practical jokes we pulled off.
Shayne, Chase, & Suzanne - some things never change  :)
Homecoming 2000 - yes, this happened.
*Shayne became a Kindergarten teacher!
She landed in Heathrow on a Thursday and found herself surrounded by 5 year olds first thing Friday morning. Her first full week could not have gone any better and we hope you are all looking forward to some classic comments from the mouths of babes.
Here are the highlights so far:
Ms. Shayne: "Tell me about your board game!"
5 Year Old: "Well, in my game you have to climb up the ladder and then the super slide sucks you back down!"
Ms. Shayne: "That's fun! What are you going to call it?"
5 Year Old: "Climb Up & Suck It!"

5 Year Old #1: "Our team name is the Black Balls!"
5 Year Old #2: "I want to be a Black Ball!"
5 Year Old #3: "GOOOOOO Black Balls!"
5 Year Old #4: "I LOVE BLACK BALLS!!!!!"

Ms. Shayne during free choice: "Wow, what is that you are making out of paper?"
5 Year Old: "A bra."

5 Year Old Boy: "Ms. Shayne, I know where babies come from."
Ms. Shayne tries to think of a way to side-step this convo!
Ms. Shayne: "Oh yeah?"
5 Year Old Boy: "They come from the belly!"
Ms. Shayne breathes a sigh of relief as she says, "Yes, that's right."
5 Year Old Boy: "So, if babies come from the belly, and I am not ready to have a baby, should I be careful what I eat for lunch?

*We celebrated the birth of Samuel Jacob Schwartz!
Congrats Carly and Mike!
We painted onesies!
Sophie, Shayne, Abby, and baby Sammy!
Baby bottle drinking contest.  Jake won.
The decorations!
*We scored free tickets to Bryan Adams!
Our modo in London is, "Just say yes!" So, when Shayne was offered tickets to see Bryan live at the O2, she said, "YES!" It was a night filled with love songs, 40 year old women weeping with their arms extended toward the stage, Summer of 69, and Everything I Do. Almost bought T-shirts.

*We walked the streets of Oxford!
Freezing wind + closed down streets for pedestrians + good friends + one baby + carolers = A day full of Christmasy fun!

Carly, Shayne, and baby Sam with Princess Aurora
The back of a double decker bus!

Keep calm and Eat cupcakes!

At dinner - yes, Sammy is on the a bear suit!  LOVE!
Carnival rides and lights!

*Christmas in London!
We walked the streets and took in all the festive sights! INCREDIBLE!
Carly & Shayne outside of Selfridges - it SNOWS in the window!
We wondered if they had tree lots here...they do, on the patio's of pubs! 

In love with this photo!
Trafalgar Square
Olympic countdown - we are getting closer!

*We attended the opening of BREWDOG CAMDEN!!!!!
The beer has arrived and it is good.
Jake with the creators of BrewDog!
Shayne was in love with the windows.
We got to try 3 different Abstrakt's on tap - it was so sweet~
Lesson's Learned: 1)Don't wait 50 days to blog ever again, 2)Life in London is pretty sweet!

If you would like to view all of our photos, you can check them out here: