Thursday, 28 April 2011

Day #36: The one with the Medalian Food

With a weird three day work week sandwiched between two bank holiday weekends - Jake's office was dead. Therefore, after our big Easter Monday, he decided to post up on our terribly uncomfortable pre-furnished couch and work from home. You must all be asking, "Can an EY employee do this?" In London they can!

We spent the morning having coffee and laughing about the wonderful weekend. Then it was work time. While Jake worked on a few projects, Shayne made some progress with her supply teaching paperwork. The good news: She got an interview at the Southbank International School, the private school in Notting Hill that she was hoping to get into. The interview was scheduled with the principal on Wednesday of next week, so please keep your fingers crossed for her. The tricky part is that all of her required paperwork takes time to be processed. There is one packet in particular that needs to go through the FBI back in the states! So, we are really hoping that all of it comes together in time for her to get started before summer vacation.

By about 5:00 we were really ready to get out of the house. We walked down Upper Street and were excited to try the little Mediterranean place near our house. We walked in hoping for falafel and hummus and instead, found pasta and pizza! Jake went back outside to check the sign and, sure enough, Mediterranean. So, we hunkered down for some good 'ol classic Medalian food (that is a combo of Mediterranean and Italian). Jake had a delicious pasta with spinach and sausage and Shayne got to have her favorite, beef carpaccio!

Lessons Learned: 1) Mediterranean food is oddly similar to Italian - SHOCKING! 2) Jake working from home, although wonderful for us, does not make for very exciting reading - sorry guys!

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