Monday, 28 March 2011

Day #6: The one where life got normal

This was one of those days where you get up, go about your daily business, get into bed, and think...was I really in London?  The day felt so normal from beginning to end.  Perhaps it was the bread, cheese, and jam that has become such a daily ritual.  It is the Pop Tarts of the 80's, the Lucky Charms of the 90's, and the Starbucks of the 00's.  It's the best part of waking up!  Sorry Folger's, Jam has got you beat!

Our big plan for Saturday night was to see the great American classic: The Goonies (HEY YOU GUYS!!!!!!) at the 'Screen on the Green' theatre right on Upper street.  We decided that this would be a great Saturday adventure due to: (1) The bar being located directly in the rear of the theatre, (2) the availability of premium sofa style seating with full foot rests, and (3) the truffle shuffle (who are we kidding).  For those not familiar with this iconic dance move, please see the attached link (  We looked into the 'Screen on the Green' website online, and were devastated to find out that Brits were actually excited about this classic retro film, and the screening was sold out.  We moped around for a minute or two, picked ourselves up, and quickly decided that either way, a movie was in order.

Before our cinematic adventure, we met our friend Lee at the Borough stop to pick up some important paperwork in the housing process (we took this as a good sign toward securing the flat!).  We hopped on the tube and headed to Angel/Islington (we love you!) and headed to the Vue movie theatre to purchase our tickets for the 17:40 showing of the 'Adjustment Bureau'.  No we didn't see a crazy Euro independent film...what of it?!?  We purchased the upgraded VIP ticket option, and decided that a stop off at the Angelic pub was in order before our Matt Damon fix (said in best Boston accent).  Speaking of Boston accents, we're the fighters here...not you, not you, and not you!  In the Angelic pub we happened to catch the annual sporting spectacle of Oxford vs. Cambridge crew.  This was the 157th rowing of the competition, and you will be happy to know the boys of Oxford brought home their 8th win since the turn of the century.  We of course, raised a glass in triumph.

We headed off to the cinema, and enjoyed our spacious luxury leather seating for the movie.  We were especially thrilled to realize that (a) they have pretty much a full bar at this theatre as well, and (b) the movie theatre popcorn is somewhat similar to the states.  Just with more of a salted dryness, as opposed to buttery coating.  The movie was more romantic than expected, so + for Shayne, - for Jake.  But overall, a good film.  Worth checking out, if you are in the mood for a good romantic-suspense-drama-thriller (coined by J&S Inc, all rights reserved).  We left the theatre and headed back to the South Bank for a relaxing evening.

We stopped at the local Tesco Express for a few dinner supplies, and came back to the flat for a home cooked meal, and a game of cards.  We put on the iTunes, and danced our way through the cooking process, and thoroughly enjoyed our first meal in the flat; however, steamed vegetables with butter sauce, seem to take on an oddly vinegary feel here, and should not be consumed unless there is some sort of apocalyptic tragedy (avoid at all costs!).  Our night ended with an online viewing (thank you CBS and your March Madness On Demand feed) of the Arizona Wildcats in the Elite Eight.  We screamed, we yelled, we covered our eyes, and cried.  It was a classic cardiac cats game, and we were sad to see the last three pointer clank off the rim.  All and all, a pretty normal day in the life of the Singleton's.

We would like to take this opportunity to offer all the UofA Wildcat fans out there a personal moment of silence in remembrance of a great Wildcats season.  Not bad for a 'rebuilding year'.

Lesson(s) learned: Book your retro night movie tickets early.  Those Goonies go fast.  And also, the Wildcat losses aren't any easier across the pond.

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