Thursday, 24 March 2011

The one with the Bar Mouse {Shayne's Post}

So yesterday was another wonderful day!  We tube hopped around the city and checked out a few different areas.  I couple areas were great - of course I loved the 'Del Mar's' of London where we could buy a house for a mere 39,000,000 pounds! - and a few areas were immediately VETOED!  I still love Islington and feel like we will find our new home there.  Last night we got to meet up with Jake P., one of Jake S.'s closest friends from SD Ernst and Young.  We walked around the Tower Bridge area (GORGEOUS at night), saw the EY office (BEAUTIFUL), and went out for some drinks and an amazing dinner (grilled goat cheese - I LOVE you!).  We ended at a little pub called the Barrowboy & Banker Pub.  First off, this was a major deja vu moment.  I swear I was in this part of the city when Chase and I were here a few years ago.  There was a stunning cathedral all smashed between roads and bridges.  I remember trying to find the entrance and attempting to get through all of the roads, cars, and people.  So, we go into the pub and find a table.  Before long Jake says quietly, "You need to turn around, there is a little mouse behind us!"  Sure enough we had a little friend come to visit.  There was the teeny-tiniest little mouse who definitely lived behind the little fire place inside.  He kept running out and running back in.  I kind of figured there was a little mouse world behind that fire place with a tiny bar, tiny pints, and little tiny overstuffed chairs for him to sit it.  I decided to call him Henry and I am sure we will go back and visit soon.

Lesson Learned - Don't leave home without a pea coat! It gets cold here.

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