Friday, 22 July 2011

Day #124: The one with the never ending electrician

I would like to submit a follow up to day #118: The One with the Electrician. Yes, he is still around and no, the job is still not done. I have decided to write a poem to Mr. Wires commemorating his time with us. Don't worry, I will let you know how this whole thing ends...if it ever does.

Dear Mr. Wires,
For months it seems you've been around,
and tried so hard to not make a sound.
The holes and gaps you've put in our wall,
are surely what has made this job stall.
You claim to arrive early so you won't be around late,
but the last five nights you've been at our house till eight.
With each plug you try to fix, five more problems arise,
our damp, rusty sockets always jump out and say, "SURPRISE!"
There is plaster in every crevice, corner, and nook,
your time with us could fill a book.
Yesterday was the filled me with terror,
when you said you were fixing our gas oven through "trail and error!"
Will the job ever finish? I am pretty sure not,
That is why a second bedroom and bed have been bought.
Just move in Mr. Wires, you already have a key,
With you, our London family just went from two to three.
We cannot wait to introduce you to everyone,
Do you hear that Dad? Now you have a son!
Caution to all who want to use your connection for a deal,
having an electrician in the family isn't always a steal.
You might think he's coming over to help with one thing or another,
the next thing you might have a new brother!

Lesson Learned: Plaster is easier to clean off of your kitchen floor when it's dry.

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  1. I'm very impressed with your poetic skills! Who knew?!?!