Monday, 23 May 2011

Day #66: The one with the college analogy

We were out with the gang on Friday night and Carly said something to me that made me smile, then laugh, then ponder. She said, "London is like college, but you have money." Now, the college part - totally agree! I don't know about the money part...perhaps when I can finally start working!

Sidenote: Currently, I don't have a job, nor do I even have a debit or credit card. Jake called late last week and asked, "Hey hon, the next time you spend 1,100 pounds, it would be so great if you could just check with me first." What a sweetheart! And, for the sake of saving face, I must add here that I would NEVER spend 1,100 pounds on anything besides a house, car, or vacation and I would NEVER do so without talking to my husband first. However, as it turns out, somebody had no problem spending 1,100 of OUR pounds at the London version of Speaker City. So, thanks to that joker, I am sans plastic in my wallet until Natwest sorts out that situation.

Ok, back to the college analogy. If we eliminate the part about the money, I must agree whole-heartedly with Carly. Below are the SAT worthy college/London analogies I could come up with to prove her point. Enjoy!

London : 2011-2013 :: Tucson : 2000-2005
(No, we weren't in school for 5 yrs, but I felt like I needed to cover the full Singleton reign at UofA.)

Wilber Wildcat : UofA :: Big Ben : London
(Hey, we all need a mascot right?)

Friends : London :: Pi Phi Bid Day : Shayne
Friends : London :: Brotherhood of La Paz dorms : Jake
(Similar to the first day of college, everyone here is looking to meet people too! Many of the friends we have met are Expats - minus George and Sophie of course - and they love to travel just like us. We have made great friends - fast!)

Dorm room space : College :: Flat space : London
(Just like in college, we are having to get real creative about how we store things in our flat. We are talking under the bed space saver bags, Ikea organizers galore, and making the most of every available nook and cranny. Yesterday, we made a closet for Jake in our living room! Hidden behind two decorative curtains, you will find a highly organized garment rack complete with suits, shoes, and even a file cabinet for important documents. PS: I JUST learned that it is a 'garment' rack and not 'garmet' rack when I had to do some research for spell check - WOW!)

2:00AM : UofA :: 12:00AM : London
(Ok, so the bars don't close as late here, but we have found ourselves closing a few places down and staying till last call. That is energy we haven't had since Tucson!)

* George, Mike, and Jake took their chances on a pub slot as we played Quarters at a nearby table last Friday night.

Hyde Park Football : Sundays in London :: Indoor Hockey : Sundays in Tucson
(Granted, I don't get to play football like I did indoor hockey, but I am hoping to soon add roller derby to the list of recreational sports played by the Singletons)

Thursdays : London Happy-Hour :: Thursdays : Tucson 80's band at O'Malley's
(1. If you look closely in the video link it is highly possible that you will see us in that crowd and 2. Weeknight happy hours are back! Just like in college, it is not uncommon for us to go out an have a little bit of weeknight enjoyment. Here are some photos of this past Thursday at The Mitre in Notting Hill. This was Stuart and Kate's going away drinks - tear! - and everyone came out to wish them well as they head back to the states.

* Back Row: Tim, Jake P., Jake, Lou
* Front Row: Pramit, Stuart, and Mike
The boys gave Stuart at Hyde Park football jersey as a going away gift.

* Back Row: Lou, Stuart, Jake, Jake P., Pramit, Tim
* Front Row: Erin, Shayne, and Mike

* Erin, Shayne, Carly, and Mandy

Free-for-all Fridays : London :: Free-for-all Fridays : College
(As most of you know, Jake and I really went out of our way to avoid Friday classes in Tucson. I am pretty sure that it is for this reason that I ended up taking a class about primates in summer school. However, VERY WORTH IT! I know that Free-for-all-Fridays here in London won't last forever, but this past one sure was great. Sophie and I went on a Royal London Free Tour in the afternoon and then headed over to Gordon's Wine Bar for some girl time. Carly and the boys met us a little bit later for some serious Friday fun!

* Sophie and I in front of St. James' Palace

Vino and Cheese : Gordon's :: Sicilian Whores and Dirt Fries : Dirtbags
(Dirtbags was our favorite bar and hangout in Tucson and Gordon's is quickly becoming one of our fave London spots. It seemed that the Jakes needed this slice of gouda as much as we needed a basket of Dirt Fries at 2AM on most Friday nights at UofA.

* Nothing says love like a slab of gouda!

Art school : U of A :: Painting for fun : London
(Hmmm, not sure if that analogy worked very well. Let me sum it up...I'm painting again! It has been wonderful to have the time to bust out some acrylics and go to town.)

The One with All 10 Seasons : The Money Pit :: The One with All 10 Seasons : The Dusty Rose
(The Dusty Rose was the name of our house at UofA and you know the name of our flat here. Let's just say, we watched A LOT of 'Friends' at The Dusty Rose and find ourselves doing the same here at The Money Pit. In college, we didn't have a lot of channels, and what do you know, we don't here in London either. Shout out to The One with All Ten Seasons DVD box set - thanks Mom!)

Wacky moments : College :: Memories : London
(In college, random stuff happened everyday! From getting held up at gunpoint to racing down the road with swimming goggles in the rain - memories were made by the hour. Here, the same thing seems to be happening. From outrageous trips to Ikea on the bus to standing on top of the world in Salisbury - it seems we are going to 'graduate' from London with some classic moments and memories to share.)

Lesson Learned: 1) Carly was right...London is a lot like college! Maybe in two years we will move back home with masters degrees in reading maps, British English, and organization 101.

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  1. WOW, thanks for the great walk down memory lane! YUP, I would have to say the UOFA did a great job at preparing you for your futures!!! lol!! You both had great training, education, and pratice at excelling in these very important life's situation lessons. Mama Kim is SO PROUD OF YOU BOTH!!! tear! I say keep the continuing education going. Love ya