Thursday, 19 May 2011

Day #60: The one with the derby

Ok, first we need to set the stage. Every good movie comes with a theme song and every good blog comes with a theme too. The theme for this blog is BAD ASS CHICKS ROCK! So, to get in the proper mind set, click on the music video link, get off your couch, jump around, shake your hair around, fist pump till you put a hole in the ceiling, and watch this video. When you are TOTALLY PUMPED UP and find yourself wishing that you were a BAD ASS CHICK, read on. Video Link.

Are you BAD ASS CHICKING it now? Is your heart beating fast? Are you ready to CONQUER THE WORLD? If so, we have done our job. You are now in the proper state of mind to read about the ROCKING LONDON ROLLER DERBYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! Prepare yourself for lot's of capital letters in this blog because.... ROLLER GIRLS RUUUUUUULE! (If reading that last line made you think, "O'Doyle Rules!" you are one of us!)

Saturday night was huge in the Singleton family house hold. Remember that we're coming off of a 5AM party from the night before. So, we woke up, got some Red Bull and put on our game faces. Our only regret was that we did not leave the house in fish nets and ripped denim, because, let us tell you, when we arrived at a run down/hollowed out warehouse in the outskirts of London, we were both wishing we were sporting ROCKER WEAR!

*No, we did not wear these to roller derby, but they are still in our closet and could have been busted out had we known!

We arrived at the warehouse to find a vacated space with a bar, taped off ring, and about 200 people standing around the taped off area. We welcome you to: The Underground London Roller Derby.....ROOOOCK OOONNNNN!!!!!!

We quickly found Anna, Victor, and Jake P. and claimed our spots around the ring. In the middle, ready to rumble, were the most bad ass chicks we had ever seen! First in the area: Harbour Grudges VS Sufra Jets (WOMEN RULE!!!).

Let us break down the next two hours for you:

* Shayne runs to get a few beers (she knew she would want a couple and didn't want to have to wait in line and miss the action)

* Jake reaches into Shayne's purse to get his pre-mixed Screw Driver in a Fanta bottle (we figured underground warehouse + sneak in your own alcohol = underground awesomeness!)

* Eyes get huge as we take in the women (tough, athletic, wearing skimpy little uniforms, tats everywhere, hair tussled, war paint all over - it was pretty hot (we BOTH agreed!)

* Eyes get 'huger' as we watch these women shove off the starting block with crazy, daring speed

* Eyes get 'hugest' as watch these women shove each other over, face first, onto the cement

* Eyes get covered as first girl gets seriously hurt

* We scramble to learn the rules: Pivot leads pack, Jammer passes pack, Jammer scores points

* Shayne decides her team is the Sufra Jets (bad ass chicks, turquoise as a team color, team captain's name is Grievous Bodily Charm - she is SET!)

* Shayne decides she is going to try out and join a team

* Jake is screaming at the top of his lungs and jumping up and down

* Sufra Jets lose, Shayne cries, Shayne buys a Sufra Jet's T-shirt (Jake P. suggested she buy a generic London Rollergirls shirt, Shayne compares this to buying a shirt for the NFL - COPOUT!)

* The Ultraviolent Femmes VS Steam Rollers begins

* Jake P. gets the hots for Kamikaze Kitten: Jammer for the Femmes

* We scream, we yell, we jump, we high five

* Ultraviolent Femmes lose, Jake P. cries

* Jake P. gets a photo with Kamikaze - he is STOKED!

* We agree we are going to the finals match in a few weeks

* We end up at London Rollergirls after party

This night was amazing! And yes, ended up at the after party with all of the teams and coaches. We spent a few hours watching video highlights from the OUTRAGEOUS season and trying to get up the courage to actually talk with one of these BAD ASS CHICKS! None of us actually did, but we all agreed that NEXT TIME....WE TOTALLY WOULD! When we weren't encouraging each other to talk to Katy Peril, Ninjette, or Spooky Von Strange, we were trying to come up with Shayne's Rollergirl name for next season. We haven't come up with one yet, but if you can think of a RAD one, let us know!

So there you have it - ROOOLLLLEEEERRR DDEEEERRRBBBYYYY!!!!!!! It was huge, it was awesome, and WE WILL BE BACK!!!! We would like you to end on this video clip! If you weren't pumped before, strap on your seat belt, cause this video ROCKS!

Lesson Learned: RLR DRBY 4 EVA!

* Kamikaze Kitten is hugging Jake P. in the distance! This is a very happy moment for him. You can see her in the neon green :)

Jake P., Jake, Anna, Victor, and Shayne (We are all wishing we were tough enough to strap on some skates!)

* The roller girl cheerios performing between bouts...AAAAAMAZING!

* Shayne's Sufra Jets are in the turquoise. GO JETS!!!!!


  1. This is all too much and absolutely AMAZING!!! I love your guys' life right now! You two are the best... LIVE IT UP!!!!

  2. This is my favorite adventure so far ... LOVE THIS! I'm with you Shayne - COMMITT!! Can not believe you all didn't talk to ANYONE of the players (are they called players - hmmm?) So unlike you both ...

  3. okay, be honest: roller girls after party vs. garth brooks 20s themed after party?? Or maybe we could just settle for wearing 20s attire while singing "ain't going down" with roller derby girls...?

  4. Ok: Kim, yes it is unlike us, but YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THESE GIRLS!!!!! (Apparently, I am still using capitals!). Kristy, NOTHING will ever beat the Garth/20's Party!). However, maybe we could somehow tie this into my roller derby name - think on it and let me know if you come up with anything...something cowgirl, flapper, wild spur....

  5. OK, like Kim, I am still shocked!! Not only at the fact you guys..kinda, well actually did..choke in fear of I am sure these very nice women (lol) but that you both didn't set up a get-to-together at the pub with them to meet all your new friends. Remember, never judge a book by it's cover..OK maybe not true when it comes to BARD's..Bad Ass Roller Derby Queens!! xoxo