Monday, 15 August 2011

Day #148: The one with the new washing machine

Let me sum it up for you:

* April: We discover that, after a month of smelling like sour milk, our sink is draining into our washing machine. That's right, we were washing our clothes in last night's dinner. Floating tortilla chip anyone?

* May: Our landlord's fix-it man comes out to evaluate. He confirms. The chip, corn, and shredded cheese did, in fact, come from the sink drain - We should put him in touch with the London Police Detective Department. He might also be able to assist them in solving the London riots. It seems that a drug lord getting shot and teenagers using it as an excuse to rob a bunch of Foot Lockers is too complicated a crime.

* May: Plumber's arrive to re-route the sink drain.

* June: Mold begins growing in our washing machine.

* July: The sour smell remains in our clothes. I re-wash, re-fold, and re-hang each load of laundry 3 times each. I begin to go mad.

* July: We wonder if perhaps the food that used to drain into our machine has rotted and rooted itself onto the walls of our machine.

July: I scrub out the machine for the 62nd time.

July: We beg and plead for a new machine.

August 1: The impossible happens! Our landlord agrees to get us a new washing machine AND DRYER!

August 2-3 : I don't leave the house for two days while I wait for the new machine to be delivered.

August 4: Jake informs me that the landlord emailed days ago that the delivery was re-scheduled till the 16th. We confirm that I was not attached to the email. Awesome.

August 5-15: I wash all of our laundry by hand in the kitchen sink.

August 15 (today): Our landlord was supposed to send out our fix-it man to disconnect our old machine. We have heard nothing and are NOT holding our breath.

Stay tuned for the saga finale! Will we or will we not smell like a landfill for the next 1.5 years.

Lesson Learned: Food lodged inside a washing machine decomposes.

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